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Somewhere Home #1

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4 Tracks | 16:06 min
Veröffentlicht 2018-05-18 auf doubledoubleu
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Release Description

Somewhere Home #1 is the travel diary of the Genoese producer Filoq. The EP is a mobile home, an immediate narration of the wandering. The four tracks are daughters of the producer's 'flirt' with jazz and electronic music, as in his last album JazzCrash, melted with the Latin rhythms he studies and produces with the Italian Institute of Cumbia; daughters of travelling, of the djsets in which he mixes sounds from all over the globe, daughters of the field recording. Songs made in motion, sometimes expressing disorientation, some other times representing a safe place, a home anywhere in the world. Songs realized in solitary sometimes but, more often, with amazing traveling companions; snapshots of paths that cross, even if for a short time and a for few miles. "I wanted 'Home' to open the door to a place in which I narrate the laps of all my wandering around, it is the only song I produced alone, I realized 'Combo' with my friend Emènel and we had the lucky chance to melt our electronic beats with the performances of two fabulous jazz musicians: Gianluca Petrella and Ivan Bert, 'Edd' was a 2-man job with Lorenzo BITW, we got to know each other behind a console and, from that moment on, we started working together on many tracks... this is the first one being released, 'Love me good' comes from a fragment of an amazing Nina Simone's songs, it evolves into a percussive downtempo, almost dub, rolled around the voice of my partner Giulietta."

Release Credits: "Filoq - Somewhere Home #1", ," released 2018-05-18 auf doubledoubleu ,EAN/UPC4050486132951/


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