Koltech Disco Never Die

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Disco Never Die

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2 Tracks | 12:13 min
Veröffentlicht 2017-08-21 auf Isla Bonita Records
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Music lover from an early age, recorded radiolisten to your favorite songs. Growing up in the best time of disseminationof electronic music in the world it was essential to achievethe sounds that currently characterize .Self-taught and perseverance are the words that differentiate Jose Castro aKa. koltech , of the other producers on the world stage .His songs have been pinned to the best parties in the world and touchedby great artists such as Marco Carola and Veerus & Maxie Devine.In its first year as an artist I managed to position several timesamong the top 100 Beatport and DJ Tunes and also highlighted bybe among the 10 best-selling artists in their current labels:Nopreset Records, Sousa Label, Isla Bonita Records, Ballroom,Psicotropic Records, 2Clubbers Records, Pure Groove; Making cleara promising and attractive career tech house music producer

Release Credits: "Koltech - Disco Never Die", de.djtunes.com/artist/koltech ," released 2017-08-21 auf Isla Bonita Records ,EAN/UPC191079606627/


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