Mark Broom Biographie

Since the start of 90s, East Londoner Mark Broom has always been a name
that is synonymous with the UK electronic music scene. A truly prolific
artist, he has a myriad of production credits to his name having worked
with world renowned labels such as Mo-Wax, Warp, R&S, Soma, Ifach, Plink
Plonk, GPR, Ferox, & Bpitch Control, Platzhirsch amongst others. It all
started in the summer of 89 when he landed in Tenerife on vacation and
stumbled across the delights of the emerging sounds of Chicago & Acid
House. Returning to the UK, he immediately went in search of this new found
music a pair of turntables were bought and with it, a musical career was
born. A regular customer at London's Fatcat record store, Mark found
himself at the epicenter of a burgeoning scene. In 92, a certain Pete Baby
Ford was on the scout for Djs to play at his new Club Night, Nude. When a
mix tape was put directly in to his hands, Marks turntable skills were soon
in demand. A short time afterwards, he found himself in being introduced to
Ed Handley and Andy Turner from the infamous Black Dog Productions. The
meeting brought about the foundations of a solid studio partnership, with
the trio putting together a string of releases for the seminal General
Productions Records, all recorded at UXB studios. Run by a certain Dave
Hill, after two years of coming and going to his east London hideout, Dave
approached Mark about making some music together. From there, a
longstanding partnership was spawned with the founding of Pure Plastic
Recordings in 1994. With the label having played host to some of Marks
finest work, the release of the classic Angie is a shoplifter LP in 1996
cemented his reputation as a leader in the scene. In 2001, further notable
success was scored with the writing of Rue East's Indoor Culture Lp
alongside Dave Hill. An album which brought about the massive techno
classic, Birmingham. Marks services as a Dj and re-mixer have also been in
high demand over the past two decades having played around the globe at
some of the worlds best clubs: from Fuse to Fabric, to La real and Florida
135 and, he has also had the pleasure of reworking material from artists
such as Steve Rachmad, Ken Ishi, The Advent, Eddie Flashin Fowlkes, Ben
Sims and more recently Mason on Great stuff from Germany With his recent
signing to Ellen Alliens Bpitch Control, partnering with old co-hort Chris
Baker under the guise of King Pin Cartel who's Ghetto track featured on
Innervision's battle weapons ep to the founding of a band project under the
guise of 5 Mic Cluster. Expect to hear much, much more from Mark in 07.