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Great Stuff Recordings

Great Stuff was founded in south germany`s capital city Munich in Oktober 2003 as a reaction to the fast changes in the music business nowadays. Great Stuff understands these changing circumstances as a big chance for a music & media c..


Label run by Oliver Koletzki and Florian Meindl.

Mantra Vibes

Mantra Vibes is a tree of historic Sueno Latino's Expanded Music label, born to produce the more house flavourred tracks. Mantra Vibes has been constantly searching for an own 'no-sound' composed by different contaminations and cultures fus..

Parquet Recordings

Electro/Minimal/Tech-House label founded by NORMEN FLASKAMP in co-operation with STRAIGHT DISTRIBUTION (www.straight-audio.com).

Kontor Records

Internationally renowned dance label showcasing platinum selling album artists such as SCOOTER and ATB and releasing tracks by the latest and best producers and DJs in the electronic music scene. Successful compilation brands include Kontor..

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