Phil Kieran Biographie

By the sounds of it Phil Kieran's mind must be a diverse universe with a
love of good music at its core. With Electronica as his launching pad, the
prolific producer and hard working DJ has traveled the spectrum of
electronic music styles. Always rife with jagged energy and throbbing
baselines, a Phil Kieran DJ set can confidently guide a dancefloor through
a labyrinth of emotions using Techno, Electro and House as signposts with
the odd detour via Joy division and Depeche Mode.

Phil's newly formed band 'Alloy Mental' are symptomatic of an artists mind,
born of a need to create something new. Joining ranks with edgy vocalist
Corrigan, the pair embarked on a journey to redefine the boundaries of
dance music forever. Eschewing the dreary repetitiveness common in most
dance music, Phil took Corrigan's menacing, yet mesmerizing vocals; spliced
it with his own brand of darkly atmospheric bleepery, added a healthy dose
of heavy guitar riffs, and out came the workings of a debut album.

The band broke their two year silence with the release of self named track,
'Alloy Mental'. From day one DJs grappled to be first to break the new
record in clubs around the world, whilst Radio 1 DJS Zane Lowe and Annie
Mac playlisted it constantly at home.

It has been quite a trip for Mr Kieran. From music obsessed teenager, Dj-
ing with Indie records, stolen from his elder brother, to the
Internationally celebrated artist of today. Nowadays Phil plays a
relentless schedule of dates, headlining throughout Asia, South America,
Europe, and of course the UK.

Once described as the hardest working producer in Techno, he has released a
stream of his own tracks under labels including Electrix, Kingsize,
Novamute, Skint, Soma, and Yoshitoshi.

Phil struck success early on with his now anthemic tune Vitalian House;
soon, the producer could hardly fight the floods of artists requesting his
Midas touch remixing style. Notorious amongst these re-workings are Agoria
"L'onzieme Marche", Nitzer Ebb "Murderous" and more recently remixes for
Sons of Slough, VHS or Beta and the T. Raunmschere album's first single.

During Alloy Mental's studio lockdown, Phil continued working on solo
productions but only recently lifted his self-enforced embargo to release
new tracks on Kingsize, Shine and Tronic in 2005.

Alloy Mental are already building a fierce reputation as a live act,
following ground breaking gigs at Shine (Belfast), the Celtronic festival
and a live performance on the Annie Mac birthday show on BBC Radio 1.
Flocks of disciples have converted to the new sound, hardened music
journalists amongst them; each struggling to decide if this is 'dance music
that rocks, or punk music you can dance to'.

Whichever, with a debut album scheduled for release early 2006; a host of
live dates ensuing and his own DJing schedule, the future for Phil Kieran
looks, well er, em....Mental