Tube & Berger Biographie

- A crazed scuba diver practices dance moves over London -

Tube & Berger made a name for themselves in the dance business after their track 'Straight Ahead' went on to be a massive hit and topped several dance charts all over the world. Instead of resting on their laurels, they're gigging, touring and spending every free moment in the studio. In addition, they've also been doing production work for a lot of other artists. They produced two tracks for Sonique's album under their pseudonym 'Babylon Robots' and her single 'Why' entered the German top 40. They also did remixes for the German cult band 2Raumwohnung, plus Tocadisco, Thomas Falke and The Drill.

''It finally became clear that founding a label of our own had only been a matter of time.''

Kittball Records was founded in 2004. 'My Love' and 'Ghost Ship' were hammered by Westbam, John Acquaviva, Tocadisco and many others. There was also huge support from Steve Angello, Tommie Sunshine, Tomcraft and Madox for the Kittball releases; 'Dopamin' and 'The Young And The Wild Ones'. After that they went on to collaborate with Afrika Islam aka Mr.X and the single 'Buttonpusher' got mad hype at the Amsterdam Dance Event. It was released on Alphabet City Records and on several compilations. Their debut album is in planning and the guys are in the studio at this very moment, working with singers, musicians and DJ colleagues to create their vision of boogiehouseelectropunk.

Seeing Tube & Berger live is a perfect opportunity to escape from the average Saturday night DJ set. They combine a live act with DJing and play rare self-made bootlegs and the hottest club hits. The crowd always goes wild when Tube takes out his electric guitar and rocks to Berger's beats. With huge support from several big names in the business, one can easily see where this is heading - it just keeps on going 'Straight Ahead' for those two crazy guys from Germany!